Success stories from Karen’s patients

‘Georgia’s skin condition has really started clearing up over the past four to five weeks. Georgia (Gigi) woke up a couple of days ago and said, “Mum, I don’t have eczema any more!” She was so excited. She still has lots of scar tissue on her feet and on the back of her knees that I hope in time will fade, but all the redness, inflammation and soreness has gone … You are a true blessing Karen … I’m so excited! Life for us has never been better and I can thank you for most of that! Ever since Gigi was eight months old I have tried every doctor, dermatologists, naturopaths, Chinese medicine, dieticians, old wives remedies etc., and no one has explained eczema to me like you have. Your book is a bible and should have a place in everybody’s home.’ Amanda Essex, Qld


‘The dietary changes and advice Karen gave us worked and two months later Jesse’s eczema was gone. It’s great, Jesse doesn’t need medications anymore. I could finally throw away the Advantan® as we had found the source of the eczema rather than masking the symptoms. I liked the fact that the diet allowed us to find the specific foods he was reacting to, and it was very straightforward and easy to follow. Friends and family were amazed and asked how I got his skin looking so good.’ Linda, Minchinbury, NSW


‘I have been recently trying your advice about giving my five-year-old, who suffers terribly from eczema, a daily dose of the supplement for salicylate sensitivity. I must say that after three days his skin is beautiful. I have never seen it look this good. Combined with your diet I am so grateful for a different child.’ Cathi Firth


‘The diet plus all the supplements worked so well for us. I felt like a miracle happened to Leo. (He had regular steroid creams from a very early age, on top of antibiotics for infections on the skin that often happened because of various reasons, including childcare and very itchy nights …) We had flaxseed oil and probiotics and other natural supplements before, but I think the combination and diet that you described is the most effective. (I also learnt a lot for myself, for my ownhealth! Many thanks for this too.) My younger one also has a bit of eczema, but just few spots, which is such a relief! When we did the diet, we had it pretty much for the whole family. Milan’s eczema also completely disappeared.’ Natalya


‘Hi Karen, I would firstly like to thank you so much for your help with my son’s eczema. Not only does my son have his skin back, but he is so much more confident. You see, he is quite timid and having just started school this year was extremely paranoid about his “itchies”. I was getting quite upset and stressed as nothing would work and we had tried so many things: skin specialists, three naturopaths, Bowen therapy, Australian Biologics, NAET therapy and even went back to his paediatrician. He had a swim program at school which he was very upset about attending as he would have to show his skin and some kids had already asked about it. As a result, he would go to school on hot days with a jumper on as he wanted to keep covered and when I told him he was to now wear his summer uniform to school he got so upset. It’s heartbreaking when your little boy cries to you and asks you, “When will my itchies go away, Mum?” and you’ve exhausted every avenue and still have no answer! So on behalf of Jacob, I thank you so much for your fantastic book.’ Claudine Hardy


‘My baby had eczema since he was eight weeks old. Once he started on solids it became severe. When it was at its worst there wasn’t a spot on his body that wasn’t covered in a rash. Thanks to Karen’s help through the Eczema Diet and ongoing support we have finally got it under control. Thanks for everything.’ Bianca, Murwillumbah


‘I’ve had eczema since birth. A specialist diagnosed my condition as chronic eczema. My skin, especially my face and neck, hurt and itched constantly, I was always tired and often irritable; I’d accepted that it would be with me for life … Thanks to Karen’s program I am now clear of eczema (none, zilch, not a skerrick). The real turning point came when I started taking the eczema supplement Karen developed. My energy levels increased, I could finally kick the sugar and for the first time in my life I became eczema clear. I was amazed! To maintain really healthy skin I always start the day with Karen’s smoothie. I now use a far lighter moisturiser and much less of it on my face and body. My family has even commented how they love Mummy’s new soft skin. Thank you Karen, my only regret is that I didn’t find your program sooner.’ Mary Washington


‘Dear Karen. My four-year-old daughter, who is about to start kindy, has been taken off preservatives and artificial colours and has been taking her supplements for her severe eczema and is looking like a million dollars. What a difference in just six weeks. After four years of battling her eczema (not sleeping, not eating, extreme fatigue and hospitalisation with infected skin) I am now in control, more than ever. The doctors told me it was all about maintaining her comfort. The Healthy Skin Diet maintenance program is sooooo much better than many, many tubes of cortisone cream that I used to use.’ Meaghan


‘My sixteen-month-old son Jagger has suffered with eczema since birth, especially on his feet and behind his knees. After I put him on Karen’s anti-eczema program, within a couple of days he was sleeping better and scratching less. Within ten days all the redness was gone from his skin and I could leave him without clothes, and without scratching! He’s much happier and busy playing instead of scratching!’ Karma Montagne


‘Clare has gone from vomiting up to ten times a day to just once a week. She hasn’t had any rashes for at least a fortnight. Clare stopped vomiting within three to four days after starting the diet and supplements. Her twin sister Reese is also a “new” baby girl … She’s gone from a grumpy whinger to a happy little girl in the last few weeks. I am keeping the “new” baby! Reese’s personality change happened about ten days to two weeks after starting the new diet.’ Jenny Bangor


‘My son Luca suffered from severe eczema as a baby. We saw you several times approximately three to four years ago for advice. My son is fully cured thanks to your help.’ Bronwyn Air