Fishy research for eczema sufferers


Eating fish has long been associated with healthy skin but is fish good for eczema? Researchers from Sweden found that the early introduction of fish into a child’s diet reduces the risk of eczema and asthma.

How soon can you introduce fish into a child’s diet?

Norwegian researchers found that frequent fish consumption before age 1 is associated with a reduced risk of allergic disease for toddlers. In this study, the average age infants began eating fish was 9 months of age (another study suggested 8 months of age was ideal and it reduced the risk of allergy). The Norwegian researchers concluded that fish consumption in infancy was more important than maternal fish intake during pregnancy in preventing childhood eczema.

Eczema Diet readers: check out pages 78 to 80 for safe seafood and fish to avoid.

You can read more on the eczema fish studies here:

FYI: Keep in mind that fish allergy is possible so avoid fish if your child is allergic to fish or seafood.


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